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I am a Los Angeles based, freelance writer. Born and raised in a small, farm town, I live the wonderful cliche of being a small town girl with big city dreams. I was always one to have a journal in my backpack and an idea I had to write down whether at the grocery store or in the middle of an appointment. My real love for writing blossomed though right after graduating college. I graduated with a BA in Drama from the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine. The summer after graduation, I followed my wanderlust heart and that’s when everything changed. First, I moved to Mumbai, India, teaching english and music. From there, I traveled about Europe and Asia, until I moved to London and did my post graduate studies at the world-renowned Rose Bruford College of Performing Arts, as well as being a part of the Screen Acting Conservatory at London City Academy. Amidst my travels and studies of film, I wanted a consecutive way to keep in touch with everyone back home. That aside, I needed a way to make sense of the breathtaking but also startling new things that my sweet, little hometown did not include. So what did I turn to? Writing! I journaled every day. When people asked me how I was or what India was like or how all of this made me feel, it was always so hard to answer. All I could do was assure people I was okay, but really I knew nothing made sense except writing it out. I became obsessed with it. In between meals or in a train on the way to anywhere, I was writing. Today I live in LA, and while I love film and still commit to that, writing will always be why I can’t die yet: I have stories to tell! So here is my blog, and because this is where my writing started, and I am so excited to share it with you! It is currently divided into two sections. The first contains my travel excursions, which is where I began to write and contains details about my life abroad. The second is about my life in LA, and how “settling down” in this magical city feels like for me (though the artistic pursuit is never settled).

Thank you again for visiting! For my full portfolio, you can visit: http://www.ashanoeliyerwriting.com.

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