My name is Asha

And here you will find all things me. My writing journey. What I cook. Travel stories. Acting adventures as I navigate Hollywood. The occasional picture (or 3) of my perfect cats and puppy. I’m assuming my awesome mom will be my most avid reader. As soon as an article I write is published she tells me her thoughts before I even tell her it’s published. And I love that. But if I get to share my stories with more people that would be awesome too.

I’m a creative who wears many hats. I write (here, and also on Medium. Check out my articles!, I act (watch me on the big screen! Or the little screen as you’re probably watching from your laptop-, I produce (Raised 8K for Everytown for Gun Safety last year through the musical Spring Awakening! More at, and I cook (stay tuned for my Youtube channel!).

Born and raised in a small, farm town, I live the wonderful cliche of being a small town girl with big city dreams. I was always one to have a journal in my backpack and an idea I had to write down whether at the grocery store or in the middle of an appointment. But my real love for writing blossomed right after college. After graduating from UC Irvine, I traveled and wrote about my experiences. Amidst my travels and studies of film, I wanted a consecutive way to keep in touch with everyone back home. That aside, I needed a way to make sense of the breathtaking but also startling new experiences that my sweet, little hometown did not include. So what did I turn to? Writing! I journaled every day. When people asked me how I was or what India was like or how all of this made me feel, it was always so hard to answer. All I could do was assure people I was okay, but really I knew nothing made sense except writing it out. I became obsessed with it. In between meals or in a train on the way to anywhere, I was writing.

Today I live in LA, and while I love the film & TV industry and still commit to that, writing will always be why I can’t die yet: I have too many stories to tell! So here is my blog, and because this is where my writing started I am so excited to share it with you!

I call my blog Starryeyed Days. My point is to live and write with wonder. To find it, mine it, and never lose it. To find the wonder in food, in travel, in the pursuit of an artistic career. I find this life fiercely magical, and I hope that by reading you find the magic in your own life too.

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